Dark Chocolate Truffles JAR
Dark Chocolate Truffles JAR
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Dark Chocolate Truffles JAR

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The Market Place is excited to feature Holli Beckwith and her signature Dark Chocolate Confections.

This decadent holiday treat can be consumed in a variety of manners...

Open jar and pop a truffle into your mouth.

Enjoy in your morning coffee.

Melt and drizzle over your favorite dish of ice cream.

Roll your truffle into your choice of toppings.

Dipping Sauce for fresh fruit.

and our customer Favorite.....

Holli's Infamous Mayan sipping chocolate!

Mayan Sipping Chocolate recipe:

Melt truffles.

Mix (1) Tsp Masa with1 Tbsp boiling water.

Wisk together melted chocolate and Masa mix.

sprinkle a dash of cyan pepper.

pour with Market Place shot glass.

Ad a dash of your favorite clear tequila.

Vegan, Gluten Free and dairy free!

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